Leryn Franco Lands Deal With Nike

And, consequently, has reportedly landed an agreement with Nike to represent the company international while wearing their best athletic apparel. Until you get loose the translator of Google and struck up La Tercera: According to the newspaper ABC Color, Paraguay, Franco signed a contract with Nike to be the face of the advertising campaign signature sports. Ra. Fortunately for Ms Franco, is not perfect at your job and to be totally and completely Merchant are not mutually exclusive. Now, keep in mind that this is (as said Ufford) to get substantial information just to verify that the sig. In February 2009, Nike launched the campaign in Europe Leryn as an image, so that the Paraguayan is shown in all the branded shops and magazines, says the tabloid. Franco was signed.

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Cw Makes A Satanic Sacrifice Of Quot Reaper Quot To The Quot American Idol Quot Gods

(Moreover, it moves towards the top Privileged final on 24 February, even if you won t any unaired episodes, the CW just hasn t run very. Good news, bad news time for Reaper fan. The bad news: The CW is flip-flopping of time with his 90210 so that 90210 won t have to go head to head with American Idol. And that certainly not be useful for Reaper chance of a third season. ). The good news: Reaper is back in a few weeks in advance, with the second season premiering in March instead of 3 March 17.

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Harry Potter Author Knighted In France

JK Rowling has just received the greatest honor of his career to date: it been knighted by France. Forget the millions of sales and the cabinet groaning with prizes. Youve Helped Give Young People Back The Taste For Reading And Writing Sarkozy said Rowling, thanking her for the children to understand that reading is not a punishment, but a source of pleasure. French President Nicolas Sarkozy yesterday the title of knight of France prestigious Legion of Honor on Harry Potter author during a ceremony in the Elysee presidential palace.

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Broncos Wrestling Counts On Their Iron Man

Jamien look like he will continue to be a good fighter for a long period. This year my goal is to be an all American, ranked 5th now, classifications, but not really mean anything until we finish the current year for all the Top 8 American, which in reality is only goal for me also and above all to maintain my academics and I know that this year will be a junior academic, so I can become an Academic All American, said Rush. He is 31 in 10 matches this season, including a victory over # 2 ranked wrestler in his weightclass.

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Life Changing Event Sarah Shahi Is Pregnant

What does this mean for Shahi character, Dani Reese? For a start, it will be spending less time with his partner, Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis). She about four months pregnant, said Rand Ravich E! Online. Also, Reese will be joined by an FBI-LAPD task force to occupy his time off-screen and cut Shahi work, while she is pregnant. Life beauty Sarah Shahi expects, and viewers can expect some changes in its nature, according to the NBC cop drama show runner. Shahi representatives have yet to confirm pregnancy.

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